Who are we?

Black coffee Digital is a strong, home brewed company with a passion for IT and coffee. Whether you need perfectly brewed graphic design for your business to stand out from the other coffee stains in the world or to advertise the perfect cup of java, Black Coffee Digital is the way to go!

Speaking of Java, among the many languages in which our coffee is converted to code, so are the many options that are available to advertise your website to the world. Our prices are so good you are practically just paying for our next cup.

Cups, mugs and Glassware all support your coffee and ice coffee, but what supports your hand crafted website?

Think of our hosting packages as the cup to your coffee, combining in beautiful harmony, and what’s more beautiful than a supportive team and a strong coffee! Our Hosting prices are as cheap as a good cup of Joe!

As like any good cup of coffee, we will always be ready to give you the best we have! Give us a buzz so we can get on a good buzz!


Our Caffeine fueled artists are buzzing already to create your professional business cards, flyers and more!


A handcrafted website is always needs a good host to allow the flavor to brew properly, contact us for the best brewed hosting packages that are insanely cheap!


Java is not only a coffee, but one of our many coding languages we use to hand craft and brew your perfect website; whether it’s a simple website to the complex, nothing to difficult to handle!